President's College Minuwangoda

Let's go forward with Pride

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President’s College Minuwangoda, the unique school in Gampaha District was established on 9th of February 1979 by allocating an area of 25 acres in ‘Wal Japalawatta’ region by Mr. Benet Gunasekara, the then M.P. for Minuwangoda.

It was commenced with 220 students with 6 teachers in two buildings for grade six. The first principal of this College was Mr. R.L.L.P. Rajapaksha. The first set of students sat for G.C.E. (O/L) in 1983 and they came out with flying colors.

President’s College is a mixed school and in 1984 the advanced level classes were started with all three streams; Science, Commerce and Arts and in 2014 Technology stream was started. Bilingual education was started from Grade six in 2009.

At present, President’s College has become the most popular school in Gampaha District since only the grade 5 scholarship holders can get admission to school and according to the G.C.E. (O/L) results in 2019 it has got the 7th place in the island.


Vision & Mission

School vision statements outline a school's values and objectives. They provide parents and the community a brief but clear overview of the overall ethos of the school. On the other hand, school mission statements explain what the school is currently doing to achieve its vision.

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Vision & Mission


A stream of students with wisdom, strength, competencies and fine qualities

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Vision & Mission


Producing a sociable stream of students facing challenges courageously, refining their inborn talents with creative competencies and empowering virtues, wisdom and strength.


The Principal

Mr. K. A. U. S. Sisirabandu who is a special degree holder in Fine Arts has been in his office since 19 th June 2023. He also holds the Education Management (M.Phil.), Postgraduate Diploma in Education Management, Diploma in School Management, Capacity Development Training at University of Delhi and Special Principal Training at SLIDA. He is a Grade I Principal in Sri Lanka Education Administrative Service.


School Anthem

A valuable symbol that reflects the image of school.

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සිරි ලකගන පැළදුව රන් තැල්ලේ ඔබත් සුරත් මිණි කැටයකි දිදුළන සැරදේ සැරදේ ජනපති විදුහල් මෑණි සිරින් සැමදා//

කලාව විදු සාහිත දම් සිප්වර ලබනෙමු සිරස නමා ගුණ සිහිකර අපි වන්නෙමු එක හුය බැදී මුතුහර වොරදෙමු ඔබේ රූ මනාව හැඩකර

දැය සනසන යහ ගුණ පිරි තරුවන් නිජ බිම සිරිතට සිත බැදී සදවන් අභිමන් වඩනා හෙළබර හිරුවන් එබදුය නිබදව ඔබ වැඩු දරුවන්

දෙගුරුන් නැමදා ගුරුසිත නොබිදා මෙත් සිත් පහදා බැති පෙම් උපදා ඔබ කිතු සැමදා රකිමින සැමදා මිනිසෙකු වෙමි මම ඔබ සෙවණේ